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About us

 What is Hijab Japan?/ヒジャブジャパンとは

Hijab☆Japan is created by Japanese and Muslim community living in Japan.We provide Japanese style hijab fashion and accessories for Muslim Fashionistas around the world.

Our story /Hijab☆Japan が生まれるまで

We have designed a stylish and unique hijab using Japanese fabrics and “Obi “(sash belt)for Muslim woman.After many meetings we discussed with Muslim woman living in Kyoto about colors and materials they preferred and liked.We understand the importance of a wonderful “cross cultural relationship” in the making of such a hijab.
We hope that this hijab will be used by many Muslim women worldwide.


What is Hijab? ヒジャブってなに?

Hijab is a veil that covers from head to chest worn by Muslim woman.Most Muslim women want to dress modestly in public, as Islam prescribes.But the women who want to be fashionable are increasing as well.
There are many types of hijabs and Fashion shows which showcase Muslim fashion trends held around the world.The shows feature a fashion leader popular among young Muslim women.

ヒジャブ( Hijab )とは、イスラム教徒の女性が着用する頭髪を覆い隠すためのスカーフのような布をいいます。ヒジャブの種類は豊富で、巻き方も多種多様です。最近では、イスラム教徒の女性向けのファッションショーが各国で開催されています。